Our Team

Tim Kaufman

Introducing Tim Kaufman, an automotive expert with an impressive four decades of experience in the auto industry. From a young age as an “assistant mechanic” in his father’s garage to his role as a classic car restorer, Tim's expertise spans various aspects of the automotive world. Beyond his professional endeavors, he has a passion for working on motorcycles. Tim is well-equipped to offer valuable advice on car repair, maintenance, and modding.

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John Sanders

John is a technician with a passion for all things related to cars. As a valuable member of our team at sparealife.org, John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With 15+ years of hands-on expertise in the automotive industry, he has become a go-to resource for customers seeking expert advice on auto parts and repairs. His knowledge and genuine enthusiasm make him a trusted resource in the auto parts store he calls home.

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Gregory Ambler

Greg is an automotive aficionado and expert who has been immersed in the world of cars from a very young age. Raised on sports cars, Greg developed a deep passion and understanding for upgrades. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he brings a unique perspective to our team at sparealife.org. Whether it's finding the perfect replacement part or offering advice on enhancing vehicle performance, Greg's dedication and genuine love for cars make him an invaluable asset to our customers. Trust his expertise to navigate the intricate world of auto parts with confidence.

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