5 reasons to buy automotive accessories at CARiD.com

CARiD, one of the leading American automotive retail stores, was founded in 2003 in New York. Currently, this store has a reputation for being one of the most trusted auto accessories and parts suppliers across the Unites States. There is a number of advantages to shopping with CARiD.com.

OE and aftermarket parts from leading manufacturers

This online store distributes original equipment as well as aftermarket parts from leading international and American brands, including Dorman, Fram, Bilstein, Wagner, KYB, Denso, TYC Geneva, and many more. Every time you order one of our products, you can stay confident in the quality and durability of the part in question. CARiD cooperates directly with OE manufacturers, thus being a reliable source for genuine parts, and we also have a great assortment of products from aftermarket companies, which allows us to distribute high quality accessories and parts at affordable prices. For more information, visit the main page of our website: www.carid.com

Shopping at CARiD

Wide assortment of goods

Our online shop supplies virtually anything – from wheels and tires to fuses and hoses. The website is subdivided into several sections, including automotive audio and electronics, performance parts, automotive lighting, interior and exterior parts, repair parts, body parts, wheels and tires, etc. The navigation is designed with the user in mind, which is why finding a particular product to purchase does not take a lot of time and effort. Customers are always welcome to search products by keywords, part numbers, or car makes.

CARiD discounts and special offers

The best thing about this store is a multitude of special offers and discounts. The company has a number of featured goods and featured brands that go at a reduced price. Plus, recently the store introduced a special 10% military discount for US military members (both active and retired ones). This, however, is only one example of CARiD's discount system. The site regularly features new goods and offers new discounts. Even more importantly, some goods are sold at the minimal advertised price – the minimal price allowed by original equipment manufacturers.

So, as you can see, CARiD is a unique online store offering its regular and prospective buyers plenty of undeniable advantages, such as: Ability to order any product online, Quick delivery to every corner of the US, including door-to-door delivery, Ability to choose from a wide range of high quality accessories and parts A set of impressive discounts, etc.